Agricultural Licensing

Licensing Solutions

TUBA empowers government agencies with enterprise solutions that automate all the steps involved in agricultural licensing.

Automate & streamline your agricultural licensing

Automate and streamline your agricultural licensing processes. Store information fast. Retrieve data with speed. Track all information with ease. Save costs. Do more with less. Track important data of agricultural producers and importers, testers, processors and transporters. Keep animal and human food supplies safe.

Many agricultural licenses that deal with food distribution and the use of chemicals are strictly regulated. Fortunately, our Agricultural Licensing System helps you easily manage compliance with regulation. Suspend licenses or issue quarantines fast and on time.

Automate your producer licensing process

  • Check if all the necessary conditions are met for producers’ licensing, automatically
  • Streamline your agricultural licensing process and automate it

Collect & share premise information

  • Collect complaints of premise identification data using the National Animal Identification System
  • Exchange this data with other states, or share it with federal databases
  • Use standard industry information protocols for sharing

Integrate laboratory data with inspection plans

  • Import ongoing test results from the laboratory
  • Determine the risks and record test histories, automatically
  • Share data with producers on the web
  • Track the production process
  • Plan inspections with full information

Track disease & vaccinations

  • Track animal health. Prevent diseases.
  • Fight diseases such as Mad Cow and Johne’s, through quick information dissemination.
  • Locate the source of the disease outbreak, share it with agricultural departments, veterinarians, and animal owners and quickly stop the spread of the disease.
  • Manage vaccination programs to protect animals

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Replace legacy systems with a configurable & agile enterprise platform. TUBA is a flexible, modern platform with industry solution templates that deliver more control and enables faster releases with less custom code.

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