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Permits and Compliance

TUBA empowers government agencies with enterprise permitting solutions that automate all the steps involved in permits, including application, review, approval, issuance and inspections.

Access all your building permit information in one place

Using TUBA’s Permitting and Compliance System, building officials are assured of quick access to information, without compromising security. All digital drawings of buildings, payment information, applicant information, and other relevant information, stored and managed centrally ensuring access easy and secure.

Manage the complete lifecycle of permits, centrally.

TUBA’s Permitting and Compliance solution enables the complete record for a building permit to be stored in one place.

All information including digital drawings, payment data, applicant particulars, property details and more is stored in a single folder.

This feature enables the building permit and associated information to be easily accessed and updated by both clerks and inspectors.

Enable inspections from the field, on smartphones and tablets.

TUBA’s Permitting and Compliance System provides your inspectors with on-the-field access to their records.

Inspectors can access their personal task lists. Or, violation histories, property records, past inspection results.

Inspectors can complete their inspections, print violation notices, attach pictures and capture signatures in the field and with no internet connection.

Speed up building permits, with powerful tools.

TUBA’s Permitting and Compliance solution provides you with a variety of tools to make the building permit process more efficient and shorten the permit lifecycle.

The powerful, adaptive, workflow engine routes the permit from official to official, in real-time, as each step is completed and you can notify officials for their inputs by populating their task lists automatically.

TUBA’s Permitting and Compliance solution incorporates your fee schedule. This auto-calculates and assesses the charges for the building permit including application, issuance, permit and services fees.

You can also integrate TUBA with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system to automatically track payments that you receive and access online, anywhere.

Enable access with public portal

TUBA’s Permitting and Compliance solution integrates with your web portal and your call center. This means that you can now provide citizens, and other stakeholders, with flexible choices for access.

Enable citizens and businesses to complete applications, submit and pay permit fees online and check the status of their building permit. Receive comments, schedule or reschedule, view inspection results and add more attachments.

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We have benefited greatly by re-engineering our business activities using information technology as a driver and TUBA has been a big part of our efforts.

Herb Reeves

Permit Center Supervisor, Development Services

Replace legacy systems with a configurable & agile enterprise platform. TUBA is a flexible, modern platform with industry solution templates that deliver more control and enables faster releases with less custom code.

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