Business Licensing

Licensing Solutions

TUBA empowers government agencies with enterprise solutions that automate all the steps involved in business licensing.

Automate your business licensing. Focus on control & collections.

Automate and streamline your business licensing. Cover application intake, review, issuance, renewal, fees, inspections, and compliance. Increase compliance. Reduce risk. Control and regulate various activities with TUBA’s Business Licensing Solution.

Centralize & manage business applicant & licensee

  • Access all information on business applicants and license holders, centrally
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of all types of business licenses

Automate business licensing workflow & improve efficiency

  • Define your business rules for application reviews. The system sticks to it.
  • Built-in, powerful, dynamic, workflow engine ensures that the application is complete and valid, before it enables the applicant to proceed

Make it easy for citizens to manage licenses online

  • Enable applicants to submit, track, manage, pay for, and upload attachments
  • Plus, renew their business licenses online

Inspect & retrieve info from the field

  • Enables inspectors, examiners and investigators to manage inspections from the field
  • Start and Schedule inspections
  • Review and Submit results

Business licensing reporting

  • Generate, display and print reports, without technical knowledge
  • Use for pre-configured reports for speed
  • Employ ad-hoc queries to generate custom reports

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Replace legacy systems with a configurable & agile enterprise platform. TUBA is a flexible, modern platform with industry solution templates that deliver more control and enables faster releases with less custom code.

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