Code Enforcement

Permits and Compliance

TUBA empowers government agencies with enterprise permitting solutions that automate all the steps involved in permits, including application, review, approval, issuance and inspections.

Enforce your code. Ensure compliance. Reduce risks.

Enable your Permitting & Compliance System to be complaint-driven. Proactively enforce codes and by-laws. Access information easily in one system, online and via mobile apps. Provide a self-service tool to your citizens which they can rely and depend on. Give citizens the freedom to make, check and update their complaints through an online portal. Help citizens pay online and check violation histories.

Enable citizen access, with a public web portal.

TUBA’s Permitting and Compliance System offers you multiple ways to interact with your citizens. This means that you can provide your citizens with a choice of self-service tools.

Integrate the system directly with your website. Connect it with your call center software.

The result is that citizens get to complain, pay, view inspection results, track status of their applications, view violation history and more online, without troubling you.

They can also make requests for service or inspections, in real-time. It gets easier for your citizens and it frees you to be more productive.

Intelligently route inspections

TUBA’s Permitting & Compliance System is fitted with GPS technology. This means that your inspectors get a convenient view of all of their inspections in map format. They also get to view all the relevant activities, nearby. This enables your inspectors to intelligently schedule and assign tasks, provide location details, make route plans, capture mileage information and minimize travel costs.

Allow complaints and risks to drive inspections.

TUBA’s Permitting & Compliance System comes armed with tools to help inspectors spend more time in the field, which leads to more informed decisions. With these tools, inspectors conduct risk-based, or complaint-driven inspections. Inspectors get comprehensive access to codes and by-laws, GPS routing, property data and inspection history and can capture signatures, print reports and take photographs on the field.

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We have benefited greatly by re-engineering our business activities using information technology as a driver and TUBA has been a big part of our efforts.

Herb Reeves

Permit Center Supervisor, Development Services

Replace legacy systems with a configurable & agile enterprise platform. TUBA is a flexible, modern platform with industry solution templates that deliver more control and enables faster releases with less custom code.

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