Grantium Business Intelligence

Grants Management

Grantium is the leading, off-the-shelf, end-to-end, enterprise grants management solution built on proven business practices.

Grantium Business Intelligence accesses & publishes all grant program data

Grantium’s Grant Management System helps you to account for and report, every penny received and spent in your grants and contribution programs. Grantium Business Intelligence is your answer to access and publish all grant program data. Grant-making organizations now enjoy the tools to deliver efficient, timely, and accurate reports with data analysis.

Four powerful benefits.

  • Make informed business decisions
  • Perform complex analysis and ad hoc queries
  • Use the powerful cloud-based architecture to report with ease.
  • Share information across your agency without the technical staff

Analyze historical patterns & trends.

  • Analyze and report on trends
  • Explore what’s driving your agency
  • Discover and understand historical patterns
  • Predict and improve the performance of future grant programs
  • Explore large, complex data sets
  • Use drag-and-drop techniques for generating reports
  • View and analyze data relationships graphically. Change displays easily. Drill down, rank, sort, forecast and nest information. Gain insights on trends, causes and effects.
  • Report with an XML-based format-open with any format that suits the user’s needs

Grant program data reports

  • Create single reports that users can access from any location
  • Collaborate with business and IT
  • Easily share queries and reports

Monitor, measure & manage your grant program performance with intuitive dashboards.

  • Communicate complicated information in an easy-to-read format
  • Monitor, measure and manage grant program performance, through intuitive dashboards
  • Personalize the views of trusted or key users
  • Visualize easily with graphs, gauges, and charts

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