Grants Management

Grantium is the leading, off-the-shelf, end-to-end, enterprise grants management solution built on proven business practices.

Automate your Grants Management program

Grantium is an automated grants management system that’s infinitely flexible, cost-efficient and cloud-based. Grantium provides easy-to-use tools for building, delivering, and administering all phases of your grant programs. Grantium reduces your risk, ensures accountability, provides transparency, enables reports, and is easy to implement and use.

Build, deliver, administer and simplify large grant programs.

  • Grantium is the leading, off-the-shelf, end-to-end, enterprise grants management solution. It’s built on proven business practices. It’s flexible and cost-efficient, and deploys over the web.
  • Streamline platform creation. Deliver it over the web.
  • Grantium gives you advanced, yet easy-to-use tools. Build, deliver, and administer all phases of large and multiple grants programs with speed, confidence, and efficiency.

Flexible, transparent & accountable.

  • Grantium helps you manage your grants efficiently and also comply with government regulations
  • Grantium fits your needs and ensures your programs are 100% transparent and accountable
  • Grantium ensures your programs are accessible, free of undue complexity, fair to your applicants and administered with maximum efficiency and complete control.

Automate application assessments & approvals.

  • Grantium automates grant programs from end-to-end with CSII’s unique Grantium 8A’s methodology. It’s a best practices delivery model for Commercial Off-the-Shelf [COTS] Grants program platform.
  • Using a step-by-step, iterative process, the 8A’s provide a common language and approach to enterprise grants management projects. The result is that you significantly reduce your time and costs for managing grants.

Account & report on every penny that's received and spent.

  • Track everything from application to close-out
  • Grantium is deployed in complex granting environments in the US and Canada and has a proven track record in grants management
  • Grantium enables you to account for, and report on, every penny that’s received and spent for your grants and contribution programs

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