Judicial Enforcement Management System

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Judicial Enforcement Management (JEMS)

Judicial Enforcement Management System [JEMS] is an integrated case management software that automates all common procedures in your court. JEMS helps you automate your processes, workflows, and court’s unique business rules, easily share data with other law agencies, manage documents, enable electronic filings, and help citizens pay online.

Configure JEMS with your rules

  • JEMS is a flexible and configurable product. You can use it with your business rules configured into it.
  • JEMS enables you to automate business processes for municipal, county, state, and provincial government courts.

Judges can access cases anywhere

  • Real-time mobile access to cases, while at the bench, or on the move
  • Access to calendars
  • Capabilities to add secure notes to cases
  • Features to send administrative staff instructions on letters to attorneys and prosecutors

Create & schedule dockets

With the JEMS docket scheduling system you can:

  • Create complex case dockets with ease
  • Schedule dockets using Microsoft Outlook™
  • View and update cases in real-time

Guides court clerks intuitively through your processes

JEMS guides your court clerks, step-by-step, through every process. This minimizes training and errors. The result is that you dramatically improve your efficiency and accuracy by using a system that helps workflows and courtroom processing.

Speed up court processes & workflow

  • Initiate, maintain, track, dispose, and calendar cases with ease.
  • Manage documents, sequence actions automatically, accelerate task performance, manage dockets, resolve conflicts, set vacation notices, track aging cases, receive payments, issue warrants, generate forms, and print reports.

Attorneys file cases & pay online

  • With CSII’s e-Filing application, attorneys enjoy the convenience of filing cases online, right from their offices
  • Save the need, time and cost of travel to the court, for filing cases in person
  • Pay for filings online

Share information with other agencies

  • Access common data, such as warrants, and party biographies
  • Set up security levels, restrict access, edit options for individuals, or entire departments

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