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Jury Management

TUBA’s Jury Management System is a cloud-based, electronic jury management platform.

Jurors complete their questionnaire online, request exemptions, and apply for deferrals without your intervention. They also learn more about the jury process, find directions, browse through general information and look up answers to frequently asked questions.

At your end, it helps you focus on selecting jurors and paying jurors. Small wonder why the Jury Management System from CSII is the perfect platform for all your jury management tasks.

JMS saves you time

  • Shorten check-in time when jurors are excused, or deferred online
  • Reduce telephone calls to the clerk
  • Streamline judge and juror interaction when the judge disqualifies online
  • Speed up check-in
  • Scan bar-coded summons

Manage court payroll & payments

JMS can handle payroll records for court staff. You can base the payroll on the number of days served. The system generates reports for verification, prints juror checks, and tracks payment history.

Retain juror records for years

  • Retain a complete juror history for multiple years
  • Eliminate the need to pay jurors for services, before loading new juror data
  • Track the status of jurors
  • Respond to inquiries, quickly
  • Determine whether a juror has been summoned, is active on a panel, has been disqualified, transferred, or excused
  • Store the complete juror biography
  • Make custom reports
  • Generate forms and notices, that the court designs

JMS saves you money

  • Fewer jurors report absent
  • Reduces the number of clerks required
  • Prospective jurors receive immediate responses to questions online
  • Customized websites educate jurors about the jury process

JMS reduces courthouse congestion

Online disqualifications and deferrals reduce jurors reporting absent.

JMS improves citizen satisfaction

  • Reduces citizen trips to the courthouse
  • Shortens lines at check-in
  • Reduces waiting in the courtroom

Exclude jurors with prior service

JMS recognizes prior services of a juror regardless of the jurisdiction, excludes the juror for selection, for the defined number of days.

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