Permits and Compliance

TUBA empowers government agencies with enterprise permitting solutions that automate all the steps involved in permits, including application, review, approval, issuance and inspections.

Streamline your planning process – intakes, approvals & implementation

Seamless workflow. Advanced reports. Automate the management of documents. Integrate it with CSII’s business process automation system. Guide applications, from intake to approvals, and finally implementation. Store all your plans, centrally. Review it, at will. Enable controlled access to your internal staff. Update all in-house teams, at once.

Seamless, integrated workflows

TUBA’s Permitting & Compliance System enables your planners to become the focal point, for both citizens and external agencies throughout the planning life cycle. Here’s how:

  • The Milestone View rolls up sub-steps and smaller processes. It summarizes and communicates the status of your planning applications.
  • The Flowchart View acts as a Gantt chart. It provides a visual representation of your land development workflow and helps users to drill-down to the individual processes.

TUBA enables you to integrate external stakeholders directly into your workflow. You just grant them limited access to provide comments, conduct reviews and get sign-offs.

Review plans electronically & fast.

TUBA’s Permitting & Compliance System makes it easy to share, distribute and review plans across the organization and with external agencies.

Reviewers can view attached photos, plans, drawings, insurance information and associated correspondence. This helps to streamline the review process.

Markup tools including shapes, text, lines, highlights, annotations and callouts help speed up the review process which helps makes your documents easier to navigate.

Advanced reports and documents

TUBA’s Permitting & Compliance System pulls data from multiple sources which makes it easy to generate a variety of reports and documents.

Besides, the system helps you manage all information at one place. Attach comments, clauses, financial information or embed maps for Public Consultations, Project Summaries, Notice of Hearings, Committee Meetings, Council Reports and more with the relevant supporting documents.

What’s even better, is that the system enables you to leverage GIS, people and property data to create buffer notifications. All the stakeholders, affected by an application are informed or alerted automatically.

Integrate with MapTab and GIS

TUBA’s Permitting & Compliance System’s MapTab offers users a direct view of GIS information from within the application enabling users to take snapshots of projects during the land development process as well as providing a historical view and an audit trail.

TUBA’s two-way integration with your GIS System enables you to create, edit or update GIS data from within the system, or externally.

TUBA’s Permitting & Compliance System provides you with a holistic view of all planning applications which helps you view projects within the larger context of your Community Planning Strategy.

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TUBA provides auditors with an instant account of the building and planning approvals process in the Town. The folders developed implement the ISO 9001 Standard Operating Procedures for Planning and Development Services.

Paul Allore

Chief Building Official

Replace legacy systems with a configurable & agile enterprise platform. TUBA is a flexible, modern platform with industry solution templates that deliver more control and enables faster releases with less custom code.

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