Public Health

Permits and Compliance

TUBA empowers government agencies with enterprise permitting solutions that automate all the steps involved in permits, including application, review, approval, issuance and inspections.

Manage health inspections, automate the process and reduce risks to public health and safety.

Manage health inspections, deliver citizen services and ensure public safety with one integrated application for public health management. Invest in a system which enables your citizens to request inspections, contact you for updates, and address their concerns.

Deliver citizen services and information

  • CSII’s Permitting and Compliance System integrates directly into your existing web portal and call centre.
  • Citizens can file complaints, make inquiries, check the status of their requests, view inspection results and make requests for services online.
  • Citizens can also search online for information about the inspection history of a restaurant, public health warnings and other health-related information.

Empower your Inspectors to make informed decisions in the field.

Provide health inspectors with all necessary tools to access the system anywhere so they can spend more time in the field.

Manage health inspections

  • CSII’s Permitting and Compliance System enables you to centrally manage and schedule various public health inspections from daycares, tattoo parlours, public pools, office buildings, homes, resident care facilities, restaurants, special events to outdoor food vendors.
  • Schedule risk-based inspections by prioritize inspections based on complaints which are part of planned routines, or even conduct targeted sweeps.

Enforce food safety in the field

  • CSII’s Permitting and Compliance System enables you to conduct mobile, risk-based health inspections for restaurant openings, special events, mobile food vendors, as well as food handler training and certification.
  • Enable inspectors to access food and public health codes, right from their mobile devices. They can print violation notices, capture signatures, as well as shoot and upload pictures all while still in the field. 

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