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TUBA empowers government agencies with enterprise solutions that automate all the steps involved in animal licensing.

Vehicle & Driver Licensing System

Overcome the major challenges that paper driven licensing agencies face. Automate the entire licensing process for vehicles and drivers. Start with applications, and go all the way up to renewal.

The biggest challenges with paper-driven licensing include too much time being spent by customers and authorities on getting a license, a high likelihood of identity frauds and errors, a high likelihood of legalizing stolen vehicles by producing fake registration papers, and fake driver’s licenses are being used as identity papers for illegal migrants. Automate and overcome these challenges with our Vehicle & Driver Licensing System.

Auto renew vehicle & driver licenses

  • TUBA’s Vehicle & Driver Licensing System enables quick and easy licensing renewals, using batch or staggered processes
  • Renewals are automatically generated and distributed through mail, or online – payment is accepted online 

Schedule risk-based inspections without intervention

TUBA’s Vehicle & Driver Licensing System’s database of violation history for people and property records enables you to automate the scheduling of risk-based inspections, faster

Manage complaints & enforce rules

  • TUBA’s Vehicle & Driver Licensing Solution easily integrates with 311 systems and online public portal websites enabling citizens to submit and track complaints over the phone, or online
  • TUBA’s Vehicle & Driver Licensing System automatically initiates workflows to route the complaint for tracking, follow-up or inspection

Empower staff with mobile app

  • TUBA’s Vehicle & Driver Licensing System’s mobile feature enables inspectors to print violation notices, attach pictures, and capture signatures, all from the field
  • Vehicle inspectors gain access to relevant codes and by-laws to conduct mobile inspections

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