Leverage over 31 years of domain expertise, insights and experience poured into our enterprise platform for smarter government.

Over 31 years of experience & insights with innovative Government Agencies

Domain expertise of our certified partners and the entire CSII Team

TUBA, a complete and comprehensive automation platform

Become part of a community of loyal customers with successful implementations


Years of Trust earned from governments and regulatory institutions, all over the world.


Agencies where stakeholders are delighted with the benefits of the TUBA platform.


Business apps developed by customers to boost productivity using TUBA.

Leverage a complete automation platform – TUBA.

Streamline your processes with off-the-shelf, automation solutions that can be both extended and configured by you and your team.

Typically, our solutions will meet over 90% of your required functionality by simply configuring it.

The result is that you enjoy the flexibility of a custom solution, slash your deployment time, and reduce your total cost.

Enterprise Platform for Smarter Government

We help governments manage all types of compliances: Permitting, Licensing, Code Compliance, Public Safety, Public Health, Environment Safety, Vehicle Safety, Tax Compliance, Freedom of Information Compliance, Legal Compliance and Courts Automation.

All of our industry solutions flow from TUBA, the most empowering Case Management & Process Automation Platform in the world.

All of our industry solutions are backed by an experienced and responsive customer service and customer success team that supports your organization and your team.

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Replace legacy systems with a configurable & agile enterprise platform. TUBA is a flexible, modern platform with industry solution templates that deliver more control and enables faster releases with less custom code.

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